Monday, February 11, 2013

Trolls, Accumalating Links, Identifying Naked Un-Americans or Trolls


    Is this a direct threat to "Tony" by a troll

    This from a troll...They are out there gunning on those "smoking OUT the trolls."...

    Jacob Thomas Hey Tony. I would strongly consider you familiarize yourself with current law regarding libel and defamation on the internet. I mean this as a very friendly suggestion. Your project may be, at best, in a bit of a legal grey area.

    To this end, furthermore, I am going to now politely request that you remove my name and any content generated by myself from your blog and to refrain from posting either there in the future. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
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    from tony
    Imagine....a troll claiming I might be IN A GREY area..(perv area) for Libel and defamation of character....comments on this ?
    This is most important..please see - Obama has an entire 350+ team trolling 24/7. See my post below:

     These links will bring you to troll pages and groups.  A common troll tactic is to create a Conservative looking/sounding lure men of good will so they can cause grief.  Like a child getting their kicks by ordering pizza in behalf of someone to harass. 

    Time to use the same Alinsky tactics they use...fighting fire with fire to drown out the drone like hum of trolls who are NOTHING but a Naked-Un-American...Let them know.

    When you smoke out a troll...don't spend any time with them...just proclaim with honor you know them to BE....A NAKED UN-American.
    Paul J M Bogh @ Tony & Tony. Idiots! Stalin and Hitler used indoctrination! THAT is history! No such policies are being replicated by this administration. You are simply utilizing a photo-op image and re-purposing it for your own paranoid political agenda. The hate and racism and paranoia is all coming from the right-wing loonies and has no basis in reality. Stop drinking the Beck/Rush-aid and wake up. Hate and fear mongering will not heal this country. Only rational, progressive thought will. 
    Julie Garcia Trierweiler Tony, English, please. I don't understand computer slang
    Robert Stilphen So mean, all have to do is find a picture of a world leader with a kid, and I too, can rightfully compare them to Hitler and Stalin? 

    Troll site  Right Wings Rants and Raves
    troll site...Click here.
    Jeffrey Turner The testimony of a disgraced former FBI agent isn't much to go on. Wingnuts aren't good for more than laughs.
    Sam Paul Islam will dominate the world.
    Shawn Maynard We have no religion test for office in America, therefore I don't care which mythology any politician chooses to follow. I'd prefer politicians that don't follow mythology but they are hard to find.
    Baron Von-Douche This feed is a bastion of stupidity
     Snarky Rooster >> where there is smoke there is Fire in the hole. <<Backwards World 101: Tony starts a thread containing some of his typical flamebait... and then he calls any dissenter a "troll".That's some hustle you got going on there, "Maverick". 
    Alfred Neumann Lions and Tigers and Muslims, oh my!
    • Alfred Neumann >>Just remember in the bible God tells us whoever is deceived by the anti Christ will perish with him and burn for eternity so some of you need to pick up the bible and realize everything going on now is in the bible and everyone better be getting righ...See More
      Dr. Ben Carson...Breakfast Speech....Obama SHOWING disrespect...

    • Jeffrey Turner The testimony of a disgraced former FBI agent isn't much to go on. Wingnuts aren't good for more than laughs.

    • Jacob Thomas "Just remember in the bible God tells us whoever is deceived by the anti Christ will perish with him and burn for eternity so some of you need to pick up the bible"Actually if you pick up the Bible, specifically the 1st and 2nd Epistles of John, you will see that there is no such thing as "the anti-Christ" but rather a multitude of "antichrists," and that basically any one who isn't a Christian qualifies. 
      Sparky Donald this proves that stupid is as stupid does

      too much ring wing crap, this page isn't about the constitution, it's just another daily dose of bipartisan bullshit!

      • Greg Wilson "actually the constitution was very liberal for it's time and upset the status quo.">>> A kind of "liberal"...
      • Alfred Neumann ^ liberal, as in "liberal" -- not "libertarian." They knew they needed a strong central government that would be hard to dissolve, as the Articles exposed the dangers of leaving the "federation" too loosely united.

        Government that traces all of its a
        uthority back to consent of the governed was a radical, liberating idea. They didn't set out to emasculate the federal government the way libertarians and neo-confederates do, but to define its powers and limits, and ensure that checks and balances were in place to drive us toward John Adams's ideal of a "nation of laws, not of men."
        about an hour ago

        James Berger Yep...Republicrats...all the same!
        Chip Shirley Rush is telling his biggest lies today by actually putting false words in his own departed father's mouth. I remember the beginning of the Limbaugh show about 20 years ago. He used to admit that his dad was never proud of him because he didn't go to college. And when Rush Sr. asked him where he got his political views from and Rush said 'from you dad' his dad rolled his eyes and said 'that's not enough, it's good that I got you interested, but you need to study in college to be qualified.'
        Today Rush twists the story as if his dad was proud of him, but his dad died still ashamed of Rush as we all should be. He is a self-righteous uneducated blowhard.
        Jefery Theaceofbase Johnson pope is a fucking sham, what a bunch of retards still believing in a 2000 year old child molester cult that steals your money. bunch of dumbasses get a clue.

        • Lily Hyatt Mike Lazar the teaparty is what RUINED your gop of today . the birthers & Folks like Akin Murdock & Bachman ruined it are really just a laughing stock now . Youir assumptions are wrong . I voted replublican for over 30 yrs until birthers & nuts like those I mentioned RUINED the party . You will keep losing until you see the truth in why you lost .

          Larry Schmidt Jim, you think all I mentioned is BAD? Well guess what? Your hero Reagan did it all. You are a JACKASS.

          Another Serial Troll hanging out at "Rush Limbaugh EIB".

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